Squarespace Writing Portfolio

One of the best squarespace templates for copywriters looking to publish blog content on their website is skye.

Squarespace writing portfolio. The three primary methods for displaying image sets are index pages gallery pages and gallery blocks. Portfolio a white paper exploring the crisis of post soviet union orphanages a in depth project proposal in response to drought in western india and a gleaming delightfully hopeful outlook for sri lankan woman after a thirty five year long civil war. Their templates give off a clean minimalist and sophisticated vibe.

If you are looking for a single scrolling page a template based on pacific is an easy place to start. Squarespace is a slick drag and drop website builder that offers a stellar visual experience. You can see examples of squarespace author websites on our website.

While presenting your work online can give you a career leg up it can take weeks to build design and hone a platform for your portfolio. However there s also the option to include next post last post preview buttons and author profiles. While squarespace isn t marketed solely at writers its format makes it a nice choice for designers artists and other business owners it is a nice option for writers who incorporate graphics in their work such as copywriters creative directors or bloggers.

25 examples of unique sites using squarespace. Any squarespace template can be customized but these will showcase your work in a clean logical manner. While this isn t a traditional portfolio website nor is it targeted solely at writers it s a really good choice if you incorporate design or graphics into your work.

A magazine style template it offers a streamlined experience on a balanced and clean grid layout. Portfolio management is a dull ache for any creative. Squarespace forum is an online community for squarespace users and professionals to discuss best practices and seek advice squarespace logo products.

Every squarespace template can display your photographs illustrations or designs in innovative ways. This section covers the key differences and how each method relates to portfolio design.

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